Property investment creating value

01 Property investment in every segment

AUM: €5.3bn

Our core business comprises asset and investment management for Danish and foreign investors and management of a property portfolio currently valued at DKK 40 billion. Through investments in every key property segment – commercial, residential, logistic and retail – we secure consistent and strong returns for our institutional and professional clients.

“Experienced, independent investment and asset manager, focused on active management of all property segments in Denmark”

02 Delivering value through a strong business structure

Sourcing, Investment, Management

From our headquarters in Copenhagen, 62 leading professionals cover the entire value chain, from initial advisory services and property selection to investment and management. Strong, agile teamwork and proven procedures are the pillars of the strong business structure that delivers value for investors.

“Through teamwork and structured processes, we strive to deliver maximum value creation to our clients”

03 We identify and act on opportunities

Let our experience work for you

Fokus Asset Management acts as a trusted investment and buy-side advisor for professional real estate investors. Extensive research and knowledge of the market make it possible for us to identify, present and deliver attractive investment opportunities – and to prepare thorough and accurate investment reports with scenario analysis to potential investors. Furthermore, excellent connections to the Danish mortgage institutions provide clients with easier access to favorable financing solutions.
We offer full service

“With 62 dedicated and experienced professionals we cover the entire value chain in property management”

04Securing investments with insight and expertise

Professional teams for every aspect of property investment

Our asset management processes include the preparation and execution of annual business plans for each property. Our project department supervises all aspects of building conversion, renovation and development projects. And our property management services provide investors with individual and thorough reporting on performance and returns.
A trusted asset management partner

05 Close partner of professional investors worldwide

Trusted for our processes, renowned for our results

Professional investors from Denmark and abroad turn to us for our expertise in the Danish property market. For example, we are one of the first asset and investment managers in Denmark, with an Asian investment fund. Fokus Asset Management A/S is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) to manage Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and submits periodic reporting to the authority.
Sustainable solutions and social responsibility

06Sustainability in balance

Sustainable investments for today and tomorrow

We aim to balance our core objective – to secure value and returns for investors – with sustainable solutions and social responsibility. As the first Danish property manager, we partnered with utility company Ørsted to reduce carbon emissions by powering selected properties with 100% wind power. Moreover, Fokus Asset Management has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and are committed to include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in our decisions, investments and management.