Ellebjergvej 50


This office property was acquired in 2009 on behalf of a client

At the time, one tenant had 75 pct. Of the entire area totalling 18,000 m² while a number of smaller tenants had 25 pct.

When the dominant tenant left the building because of reorganisation, it was decided to develop and rebrand the property as energy-efficient and green. At the same time, it was decided to redefine the building towards a multi-let property, partly because it would result in a more attractive risk profile.

This initiated a new marketing strategy for the property, including refurnishing empty areas, and ambitious sustainable development. This included insulation of facades, installation of low-energy three-layer windows, heating via groundwater and solar cell implementation, LED-lighting and PIR-sensors. The total energy reduction amounts to 1.1 million kWh / year, and the energy labelling improved from D to A1.

The combined result after the development is an energy-efficient and green building that today is fully rented. Moreover, we see increasing rental prices at each rentalEllebjergvej 50 is today a building with increasing cash flow and low risk benefitting the investors.