B!NGS, Vesterbrogade 147-149


The charismatic property consists of 200 parking lots and 12 buildings

The charismatic property consists of 200 parking lots and 12 buildings measuring a total of 25,000 m². B!NGS was until the mid-1980’ the production and administration facility for Bing & Grøndahl, the world-famous porcelain factory, now a part of Royal Copenhagen. In the 1990’ a conversion to office spaces was initiated.

The property was acquired on behalf of a client in 2005. It was decisive that the property was extremely attractive, well suited for multi-let and with a top of the class location. Furthermore, the location was to be even more attractive, considering the ongoing development of the neighbouring Carlsberg Byen and the Copenhagen Metro.

In 2014 the new version of the building was initiated by the same team who manages Fokus today. Properties like this will never be finished, but today B!NGS is among the finest and most attractive buildings in Copenhagen.

The concept for the building was to create a “version 2.0” with a unique environment and identity respecting for buildings proud history. This has raised the qualities of both the individual leases, the common areas and the building, benefitting tenants and investors.

Today, the property has a restaurant, cafe area and high-quality meeting and conference facilities. The welcome area is created with inspiration from hotels. The area is always manned, and the area is the natural space for receiving tenants and guests. It is also here the tenants are offered several services such as post, phone, caretaker, laundry, massage, secretaries, catering, carwash, bicycle mechanic and hairdresser.

Combined, this has created a distinctive atmosphere, which has resulted in full rental and only shorter idle periods. B!NGS is another excellent example of how all stakeholders, tenants, contractors and investors benefitted mutually.

For further information, have a look at www.bingscph.dk